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Warehousing and Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is more than throwing some stuff in a box and dropping it in a mailbox. We will accurately pick your customers’ orders, neatly pack them with appropriate paperwork and marketing materials, and ship them using the best freight carrier.  We can follow your customers’ vendor manuals, create UPC labels for your products and UCC shipping labels for your boxes, and–most importantly–make sure your orders get out the door on time.  We can ship large orders to chains, department stores or distribution centers as easily as a single item to a residence.

Read our FAQ below for more information!

Are You an Etailer?

If you have been looking for someone to fill online orders, you probably have noticed that other fulfillment centers try to shoehorn you in to their their software and shopping carts. Accurate Services doesn’t follow that philosophy. Our customers use the same software and systems they had before they were our customers, and we adapt to them. Just a few of the options we use:

  • UPS Worldship
  • USPS Endicia
  • FedEx
  • Ship Manager
  • Perfect Fit
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Why Store Your Inventory With Someone Else?

If you own or lease your own warehouse, you pay the same mortgage or rent payments whether the warehouse is empty or full, slow or busy. You are responsible for providing the shipping computers and label printers, stocking boxes, replacing lightbulbs, taking out the garbage…when you warehouse with Accurate, none of these tasks are your concern!

These are not profit generating activities.

If you warehouse with us, you pay only for the space you are using, and we maintain the facilities and equipment. This means the cost of your warehouse and the time you spend managing it fluctuates with your business needs.

Besides converting fixed costs to variable costs, outsourcing warehousing allows you to expand quickly without the time and expense of finding and buying new facilities or training new employees. You can keep your capital and credit for more important work, like product development, inventory planning or marketing.

What our customers say:

Every brand wants their third party logistics partner to be reliable, responsible, and cost effective. Accurate Service is that and so much more. Not only does Accurate Services perfectly live up to its name with a virtual zero error rate, it’s a company that will always respond to Janji’s needs while being extremely price competitive. Yet the best part is its people. Accurate’s amazing workforce will answer any call, respond quickly to any need, and will always go above and beyond any logistics and warehousing firm on the market.

Dave Spandorfer, Janji
Email your questions to sales@accurateservice.com or call 508-674-5773 for an appointment.

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Warehouse FAQ

We charge monthly rent according to how much space your goods take up and what kind of storage you need.  The fee will be spelled out in your contract. Rent is due before moving in and on the first of the month thereafter.
We charge per piece for receiving, picking and packing. Large orders are typically billed at a discount. If we supply your boxes, we will bill for those as well. Charges for finishing and value-added services (tagging, pressing, inspections) are billed when completed. All invoices are clearly itemized. Every one of our customers is a little different, and we will customize charges to your type of business. We will give you a written contract before work begins.  Call us for a quote!
We bill for shipping and receiving weekly, with each day's activity itemized on the invoice. Storage fees are billed monthly. Terms are Net 7 Days.
A number of ways. We can connect to your website or e-commerce partner and print them ourselves, or we can accept orders via email, fax, or snail mail. We will establish a procedure during our initial consultations.
We can use anything you want, as long as it clearly states the customer's name and ship-to address, the items/colors/quantities to be shipped, and the shipping method to use. We can also put return forms and marketing collateral in the box if you want us to.
Yes, many of our customers have boxes with their logo, or a special label they like to use. We can order your boxes directly from your supplier to save you the hassle. If you don't have a special box but would like one, talk to us first. We have a great deal of expertise on the subject, and can suggest solutions that will cover most of your shipping needs. If you don't have a special box, we stock many different kinds of plain shipping boxes, bags, and envelopes and can select the best one for each shipment. We can also print various kinds of thermal labels for use on your tags and packaging or in shipping documents.
We have racks and shelves designed specifically for either, and floor space for palletized goods. Hanging can come off the truck, ride up a hanging conveyor to the appropriate floor, and be put away without ever being taken off their trolley! This makes us very fast.
Yes, we can take most sewn products, soft goods, and consumer goods. We would not take very large items, like mattresses or heavy equipment. The warehouse is not climate controlled, so perishable food and other temperature sensitive products are not appropriate.
Yes. And LTL shipments, pallets, boxes, envelopes, bags out of the trunk of your car...We've never had anyone deliver anything by wheelbarrow, but we'd figure it out!
We own a block-long, five-story mill building with over 250,000 sq ft of warehouse space. We can process thousands of garments a day. We can help you analyze your production and shipping schedules to determine when you will need the most space, and we will make sure we can accommodate you. We don't take on new customers unless we know we can handle them!
Yes, we can inspect many kinds of sewn and other consumer goods. We will give you a quote for inspections based on the sample size you want inspected and how you want us to handle rejects. Since we have our own production facility, we can also repair, alter or press failing garments.  We do not do any textile testing, but we can recommend a lab.  We do not do any kind of electronics or food testing.
Yes, we will inspect returns and advise you as to whether they can be repaired or cleaned and returned to stock, relegated to seconds, sent to you, or disposed of. Many of our customers list our address on their return form so they don't have to deal with incoming packages in their offices.
USPS, UPS, and FedEx and all LTL freight companies. If your vendor manual specifies a particular trucking company, we will use them.
Yes, we can do complete inventories or periodic spot-checks. Please note that there may be an additional labor charge for this. Remember that you should not perform regular shipping activities during physical inventory counts.
No, but we do require product identification on each item. If you do use bar codes, we can scan it. This especially saves time when receiving goods.
Yes--just give us the manuals and we will follow the rules. If shipments need to be scheduled with your customer, we can do that directly, saving you some hassle. If you need special labels, we can add them to your packaging too. In many cases, we can produce special labels ourselves, but there is an additional charge.
Typically, the warehouse is open from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM eastern standard time. If it's an emergency and you have a delivery coming in during off-hours, please put us in contact with your trucking company so we can coordinate.  When we are closed, the building is locked and the alarms are armed, so trucking personnel will not have access to the building unless an employee is there.
We own the building and the property it is on.

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