Contract Sewing

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Experienced Stitchers = Fewer Mistakes + More Precision

We can complete a wide variety of contract sewing jobs: performance apparel, sportswear, accessories, hospital goods, and home furnishings. Our experienced stitchers are well versed in all aspects of construction and take pride in the finished product. We understand that getting the right product to your customer on time is of paramount importance.

Read our FAQ below for more information!

We can handle so much more than your average contract sewing floor!

  • Sewing
  • Alterations
  • Inspection
  • Repairs
  • Pressing & steaming
  • Attaching hangtags & jokers
  • Repackaging & relabeling
  • UCC and UPC labels
  • Light assembly

We have a wide variety of equipment to adapt to your product’s specific needs:

  • Straightstitch
  • Overlock/safetystitch/mock safety
  • Coverstitch
  • Blanketstitch
  • Flatlock
  • Metered elastic
  • Button machine
  • Blindstitch
  • Pearlstitch
  • Heat transfer press
  • Buttonhole
  • Snap machine
Email your questions to or call 508-837-6351 for an appointment.
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Manufacturing FAQ

Minimum order quantity will vary by the type of product, its complexity, how often you will produce a new lot, and what kind of sewing machinery is involved. A good rule of thumb to remember is: The higher your volume, the better your price! Expect to cut at least 50 pieces per style per color to get better pricing. Below this, you will be paying what amounts to sample pricing.
We charge on a per piece or per job basis. We will give you a quote for each new style and verify that you want us to do the work before we begin.
Usually, no. We do not stock fabrics and trims, so our manufacturing customers are required to identify and purchase their own raw materials. The one exception is when we have a customer with a product that is produced year-round, in high volume, without changes to the fabric used. In other words we may be able to offer you a cost efficient package in exchange for consistent, high volume, repetitive production of a specific product. If you offer new styles every season, your product is not a candidate for package pricing.
We invoice you as soon as we finish the work.
Since contract stitching services are entirely labor, our terms are net 7 days.
We can sew jokers, four-arounds, care labels, logo labels--pretty much anything. We can also apply heat transfer labels. If you want us to add labels to a finished garment, the price depends on where the label is located and whether we have to open any seams to insert it. If we are producing the garment for you, the cost of attaching the label will be included in the production quote.
We can print some kinds of care labels and packaging labels, but we do not print jokers or four-arounds, etc. We do not supply woven labels.  You must supply these.
Yes, we can put your garments on hangers or fold them in bags or boxes. If your customer has a vendor manual that describes how goods should be labeled, folded, hung, packaged or boxed please make sure you give us the appropriate sections.
We have garment bags, poly bags, & etc. that may work for your project. If you use our stock packaging, we will include the cost in our production quote. If you need hangers, custom sized bags or boxes, or you want your logo printed on them, you will need to supply them. Ask for our input if you are designing packaging--we can suggest ways to make the packaging process more efficient and useful for your warehouse and customers.
Yes, we recommend it. We will give you a quote for inspections based on the sample size you want inspected and how you want us to handle rejects. If you had products manufactured elsewhere, we can inspect and then repair, alter, press or steam many failing garments to return them to first-quality condition.

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